For over 65 years, North Hills Cleaners has provided the absolute highest quality drycleaning and shirt laundry service available to the greater Wilmington area. We are the only certified Master Drycleaner in the state of Delaware, using the exclusive Sanitone cleaning process, endorsed by the most renowned clothing manufacturers.

We are unique in many ways. From processing everyday khaki pants (nearly all are both drycleaned and wetcleaned, with conditioner and sizing added) to intense hand restoration work demanded by area museums and collectors of antique textiles, North Hills has earned a distinguished reputation.

We invite you to explore this website and we welcome your input, whether you are an established customer or one soon to be. Please check back periodically. Our objective is that this site may become a useful tool for you in meeting your clothing care needs, and also to keep you updated concerning our business.

Trust the maintenance of your wardrobe investment to the experts at North Hills. Once you experience our incomparable services, we believe you will become one of our satisfied customers for many years to come.

The Staff of North Hills Cleaners

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Your laundry's trip through North Hills Cleaners
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What makes us so special?
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